La Bassine Birth Pool **SALE**

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La Bassine Birth Pool **SALE**

from 160.00

La Bassine is one of the most popular birth pools on the market. We also offer essential accessories to help you with the use of the pool. They are listed below and are available by adding them to your cart while shopping, or choose a Birth Pool Pack to save on the cost of purchasing individually.

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We offer two of the most popular birth pools on the market - La Bassine and Birth Pool in a Box, along with their relevant accessories. Choose which pool and accessories you need.

  • La Bassine Birth Pool (personal use; regular size and maxi)
  • Birth Pool in a Box (multi use, larger size)
  • Air Pump (to inflate the pool)
  • Water Pump (to extract the water after pool use)
  • Eco Water Hose (15m)
  • Pool Liner (for each pool size)
  • Pool Cover (for each pool size)
  • Thermometer
  • Tarpaulin (floor cover)

** Remember, there are discounts for buying a 'Pool Pack'!

La Bassine Pool Pack:  Pool, water pump, air pump, hose, + FREE tap connector.