Bespoke Blend


Bespoke Blend


A blend specifically for you!

As well as our range of pregnancy products, BirthingMamas offers a bespoke service for essential oil blends - creating a product specifically for your needs.

Includes free consultation.

50ml blend specifically for you.

Made to order by a qualified & practicing aromatherapist

Examples: asthma, colds, oedema, eczema, hyperemesis, stress... the list is endless!

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A blend of essential oils specifically made for you! 

essencia aromatherapy offers a small selection of oil blends to help women during their pregnancy, labour and for their role as parents. We also offer a bespoke service whereby you can contact us to discuss an issue you would like to address with aromatherapy, and we then make a specific blend for you.

This service provides a consultation with a qualified and practising aromatherapist. After the consulation a unique blend of essential oils is made specifically for you. Read our 'Aromatherapy' section to understand more about the historic qualities of essential oils and how they can benefit you and your health. 

Please Note:

The white dripper cap is inserted into the bottle to prevent spillage during the delivery process. However, when you are using this product, we recommend you turn the bottle upside-down for approx.4 seconds to allow the dripper to deliver an even flow of the oil blend.

In some cases, the dripper cap may prevent the oil blend pouring from the bottle. In this situation, we recommend you remove the white dripper cap to allow an easier flow.

To avail of this bespoke service, please contact us at



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