Midwife Led Care


Midwife Led Unit

  • 2 in Ireland: OLOL Drogheda and Cavan General Hospital
  • Separate unit in the Maternity Dept of the 2 hospitals
  • Small team of midwives working in the units
  • Units are more home-like than on a hospital labour ward
  • Both units have birth pools available for women to labour in 
  • Emphasis is on physiological birth 
  • Early transfer home (from 6 hours after birth of your baby)
  • Home visits from team of midwives up to a week after birth
  • Daily phone support provided in the first week as well 
  • Available to low risk women

Domino Scheme

  • Antenatal care provided by a team of midwives, usually in a community setting
  • One / two of the same team of community midwives will support you during your hospital birth
  • Transfer home within 6-12 hours of giving birth
  • Postnatal visits at home (up to 5 -10 days after the birth)
  • Available to low risk women
  • Not available in all hospitals 
  • There is usually a catchment area 
  • If at any stage during your pregnancy or labour you become high risk, you switch to obstetrician led care 

Neighbourhood Midwives

  • Provides Private Midwifery Care
  • New development in maternal care in Ireland
  • Not a free service, there will be a fee
  • Provides shared care with your GP and hospital of choice
  • Provides antenatal and postnatal care
  • You choose which level of cover you want depending on which package you choose
  • Midwife does not attend labour - you go to hospital
  • Same midwife provides your antenatal and postnatal visits
  • All visits are done in your own home 
  • At present not a nationwide service, but it will expand

Antenatal and postnatal supports are also available throughout the country.

Midwife Clinic

  • Antenatal service only - for low risk women
  • Attend a midwife at antenatal visits (hospital / community) 
  • Not available in all hospitals
  • During labour you will have access to both midwife and consultant care 
  • Waiting times are reduced
  • If you become high risk during pregnancy you will switch back to obstetrician led care

Early Transfer Home Scheme

  • Post Natal Care
  • Available to low risk women
  • Women leave hospital 12 - 36 hours after birth of baby
  • Postnatal care then takes place in their own home
  • Can be booked after birth of baby
  • Many hospitals offer this service
  • There is usually a catchment area 
  • Option may also be open using semi-private care