Compare Hypnobirth to GentleBirth

Would you like to be calmer, more confident and more in control as your baby is born?

GentleBirth brings positive birth preparation right to your doorstep. Specifically created for Mums who can't attend classes or those who prefer to work at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes with a homestudy course.

Not sure if you want to commit to attending a full weekend workshop? Start off with the homestudy program and then decide after a few weeks of practice.

If you prefer a more hands on approach and want more involvement from your partner then you'll enjoy our two day GentleBirth workshops (currently available in Ireland, Poland and in 2013 Australia, US and UK)  Private classes are also available in some areas.

As a former HypnoBirthing teacher Tracy Donegan developed GentleBirth based on the research of Dr. Michel Odent, Dr Sarah J Buckley and Dr. Grantly Dick Read.  GentleBirth replaces fear and anxiety with confidence and control. During the course Mums learn how to tune out distractions and tune in to their natural birthing instincts. Self hypnosis and relaxation is the key to reducing the hormones that increase pain levels (adrenaline) and promoting the release of the hormones that help labour progress comfortably and quickly. 

Mums often wonder if there's any difference in the two courses - as you'll see below the difference is significant.  The GentleBirth homestudy program includes everything you need - no need to purchase any additional CDs.  Many hypnobirthing mums find they need to supplement their 1 practice CD with GentleBirth products during pregnancy especially if their plans for a natural birth need to change.

Compare the GentleBirth workshop with the HypnoBirth - Mongan Method sessions.