Home Birth Options


Self Employed Community Midwives

  • Midwife is registered with HSE but practices independently
  • Midwife will provide all of your antenatal and postnatal care 
  • Often there is a choice to do shared care with G.P 
  • You will usually register with hospital of your choice
  • Blood tests/scans then take place in this hospital
  • Midwife will attend your birth in your own home 
  • Available to women considered low-risk by the HSE
  • Strict criteria outlined by HSE for this scheme 
  • Service may have charges, depending on where in the country you are based, and who your midwife is
  • Some private health insurance schemes will provide cover for this service

Hospital Homebirth Scheme

  • Offered in certain hospitals around Ireland
  • Where offered, there will be a catchment area 
  • Small team of community midwives will provide your antenatal care in your home, community or hospital
  • Postnatal care is provided at home
  • Labour at home with two midwives from the team
  • Usually done in conjunction with G.P under shared care scheme 
  • If any complications arrive during your pregnancy or labour you will be transferred to hospital care 
  • May have option to labour in a birth pool
  • Free service

Neighbourhood Midwives

  • Provides Private Midwifery Care
  • New development in maternal care in Ireland
  • Not a free service, there will be a fee
  • Provides shared care with your GP
  • Provides antenatal and postnatal care with home birth services
  • You choose which level of cover you want depending on which package you choose
  • Individual Assessment, therefore, may be available to those who fall outside the HSE criteria (e.g. VBAC mums)
  • Same midwife provides your antenatal and postnatal visits, and attend home birth
  • All visits are done in your own home 
  • At present not a nationwide service, but is expanding
  • Costs may be covered with your private health insurer