GentleBirth® has a new update. They are now offering the program through their newly launched GentleBirth® App - which provides more information and support than ever before. You can still attend our Weekend Workshop to enhance your GentleBirth® experience - Contact us to find out more. 


GentleBirth® is available to purchase as an App, and this allows you to work at your own pace, towards a calm, confident & informed birth. You can also use the App alongside a Workshop - which will enhance your learning, help you focus on local information, and meet other 'GentleBirthers'.

If you want to have a hands on approach and learn with an experienced birth professional who has personally used the GentleBirth programme to have a positive birth experience, learn numerous comfort techniques to help with your labour and have your birth partner on the same page as you for your birth, then the GentleBirth Weekend Workshop will give you all this and more!



We’ll teach you and your partner advanced comfort measures for birth. You’ll experience the relief of the double hip squeeze (don’t give birth without knowing this!), the most effective acupressure points and so much more. You'll have a toolkit full of comfort strategies to keep you calm, confident and in control before, during and after your baby arrives - including strategies to help your baby into optimal position and ways to reduce the side effects of an epidural should you need one.


Navigating the maze of birth options can be daunting. A key area of the GentleBirth® program is navigating and negotiating your birth options with your OB/Midwife so you and your partner feel informed and confident on the big day.



We offer expectant mums and partners easy to learn 'brain training' techniques including Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), sports psychology and medical hypnosis.

  • Brain Training for Birth and Beyond
  • Physical Comfort Strategies for Birth
  • Navigating and Negotiating Your Options


Over the last decade supporting mums in labour I've found that having more than one tool in your toolkit is essential. Having a Plan B just makes sense. As a Midwife and doula, Tracy Donegan has seen that the more tools mum and partners have access to physically and psychologically the more prepared they feel and the more emotionally resilient both parents are when adjusting to life AFTER labour with their new baby.

CBT is leading the way in research promoting positive mental health to reduce anxiety and depression in pregnancy and after baby arrives. Mindfulness training is also a part of your brain training but don’t worry you won’t need a special cushion or incense. We teach you mindfulness for the real world. All of these brain-training tools put into practice will not just change your brain – they’ll change your life. That’s way so many parents are now calling the program ‘GentleLife’.

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                             BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!


Workshops Unlike Any Other Childbirth Preparation Classes

The GentleBirth® Workshop is the only weekend immersion class that focuses on birth preparation for the biggest day of your life - and your baby. Nappy changing and bathing your baby is important but not nearly as important as having the best birth possible. Our focus is preparing you and your partner for the most positive birth possible - no matter what comes your way on the big day.

In the GentleBirth® book a positive birth is defined by parents – not your sister, not your midwife or your best friend. Mums choose GentleBirth® not because they are completely ruling out the epidural, but because they want to do everything they can to have a positive experience - with or without medication. The epidural can be a great tool if needed but after your GentleBirth® workshop you and your partner will have a multitude of advanced birth 'tools' and strategies in your GentleBirth® 'toolkit' as well as all of the wonderful options in your hospital / home birth ‘toolkit’ too!


In most classes partners are sidelined and not expected to be actively involved during the birth in meaningful ways. Your partner has a huge role in your baby's birth and most birth partners are very eager to understand what they can do to help. Dads/birth partners appreciate the importance of their role as birth supporter, facilitator and advocate on this very special day as Dads learn labour support strategies used by birth professionals around the world. Our focus on the science of sports psychology helps partners really understand how important mental preparation is so you both have that ‘head’ edge on the big day.

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As soon as you want to start really enjoying your pregnancy with more joy and excitement and less anxiety and fear. No matter when Mums start using the program they always say they wished they’d started earlier.  We see parents as early as 9 weeks and as late as 41 weeks. It's never too early, and only too late after your baby has arrived. Get started with the App today!
Although labour and birth is a serious topic the workshop is interactive and fun.
Over the weekend you'll learn the following and more:

  • Physiology of the normal birth process
  • Fear Vs Relaxation in during birth - keeping adrenaline at bay
  • Sports psychology techniques for pregnancy and birth
  • The neuroscience of a gentle birth - rewiring your brain from fear to confidence
  • Facilitating the perfect balance of hormones in labor - undisturbed birth
  • Breathing techniques
  • Advanced comfort measures for labour and birth (what you and your partner can do at each stage)
  • Active birth including the use of the birth ball, peanut ball, and water immersion.
  • What happens when you get to the hospital.
  • Focus training for birth partners
  • Labour support tools for special circumstances
  • Creating effective birth preferences and how to communicate your intentions and preferences
  • Informed decision making with your caregiver
  • Medication in labour and how to optimize the epidural
  • The stages of labour and ‘pushing made easy’.


Attendance at a workshop also includes 3 months subscription to the GentleBirth®  App.