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GentleBirth is available in a format to suit you. If you want to have a hands on approach and learn with an experienced birth professional who has personally used the GentleBirth programme to have a positive birth experience (that would be me!!!), learn numerous comfort techniques to help with your labour and have your birth partner on the same page as you for your birth, then the GentleBirth Weekend Workshop will give you all this and more!


However, you can also study GentleBirth at home yourself.

Buy the GentleBirth Complete Box Set and in your own time you can build on your confidence during your pregnancy and prepare for  the birth of your baby.

If you decide you want to do the GentleBirth weekend workshop at any time while using the pack, you can sign up and the cost of the pack will be deducted from the workshop price. 

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 GentleBirth Complete Pack

 GentleBirth Complete Pack

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The flagship program, the GentleBirth Complete Box Set includes 8 discs and the 200+ page Gentlebirth Guidebook. For a first time Mum or a Mum who has had a difficult first birth, without doubt the Complete Box Set will help you to be as prepared, confident and relaxed throughout your pregnancy and during the birth of your child, helping you to feel calm, confident and in control.

The focus is on the bigger picture of having a positive pregnancy, birth and beyond (not just labour) - for you and your partner as you become parents.  The 8 CD's and Guidebook included in the program will take you from that exciting positive pregnancy test right through the first three months with your new baby.  We'll be with you each step of the way along with hundreds of other Mums on our GentleBirth private discussion group on Facebook.

Prepare for your best birth with the GentleBirth™ antenatal program box set

Giving birth is an experience unlike any other. GentleBirth™ is as practical in it’s outlook as it is inspiring in it’s insights.  It is the perfect companion for Mothers to be.

GentleBirth is an easy and enjoyable approach to antenatal education, and it:

  •     Helps to develop your connection with your baby
  •     Facilitates communication with your caregiver
  •     Encourages confidence in your birth choices
  •     Makes pregnancy more enjoyable and fear free

As you move though the program support is available, via phone, email and through our GentleBirth online community with thousands of other GentleBirth Mums. GentleBirth can be followed with or without a birth partner and compliments the care provided by your Midwife or Doctor as you prepare for a more calm, confident GentleBirth.

The GentleBirth program promotes deep relaxation during your pregnancy, improves sleep and reduces anxiety.  Fear becomes a thing of the past as your confidence grows in excited anticipation of your baby’s birth. The program increases energy levels and promotes rest and recovery after birth. You’ll find that you can easily tap into your maternal instincts and take care of your new arrival confidently and calmly.

If you have more questions on GentleBirth check out the FAQ section here

This program will forever change how you think about birth. Stunning new scientific discoveries show how your thoughts directly affect your birth experience. GentleBirth is revolutionising the understanding of the mind body connection and the profound effects it has on pregnancy, birth and beyond.



The GentleBirth Complete Box Set includes 8 discs:

Disc 1 -  GentleBirth Birth Rehearsal
           Listening Instructions
           Birth Rehearsal & Imagery
           Music for Birth

Disc 2 - GentleBirth Pregnancy
          Pregnancy Confidence
          Baby Bonding

Disc 3 - Breathing Techniques for Birth
          Heart Breathing
          Relaxed Breathing
          Scan Breathing
          Slow Breathing
          How to Push

Disc 4 - GentleBirth Postnatal

          New Mother Meditation
          Breastfeeding Confidence


Disc 5 - For Men Only
         Confident Birth Partner
         New Dad Confidence

Disc 6 - Special Circumstances
         Get Labour Started (Induction)
         Breech Turn
         Fear Release

Disc 7 - Gentle Caesarean
         Affirmations for a Positive Caesarean
         Positive Caesarean

Disc 8 - GentleBirth on the Go (Car, Bus or Train)
         Pregnancy Celebration
         GentleBirth Affirmations
         Daily Positive Affirmations

CD or MP3:
This product is available as an Instant MP3 Download or Physical CD. During the checkout process you will have the opportunity to choose Express Overnight Delivery of your order or Instant Product Download where the product will be available in the download area immediately after your successful checkout.

Note: The GentleBirth Guidebook will be delivered as a physical product even if you choose the Instant Product Download option.

If you have more questions on GentleBirth check out the FAQ section here


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