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Magazine #1: Gentle Birth

Gentle Birth #1

a birth story

I love reading birth stories and I always ask women who take the workshop to let me know how they get on and send me on their stories. I never get tired reading them. It’s also important for other Mums to be able to read positive stories before their birth. The following is a lovely birth story from a Mum who attended a GentleBirth workshop with me in Cork in November 2013. She was attending CUMH. I hope you enjoy reading it. 

‘I keep remembering to email you about my brilliant birth but something always comes up! Newborn babies are all go! 

Our baby boy was born at 6:05am on 11/02/2014. On the 10th Feb I tried every old wives tale in the book to help get labour started. By 9:30 I said to my husband I might go to bed and get some sleep because I've a feeling something is going to happen tonight. At 10pm the surges started and they were always 4-5 minutes apart. The intensity kept getting stronger over the next few hours and I hopped into the bath and used the gym ball to help with the "uncomfortableness"!!! I had the aromatherapy oil "labour and love" and my mood board and the gentle birth tracks in my tool kit but I wanted to keep these to use when I got into the hospital so I managed with my breathing and visualisations. By 3:30am I rang the hospital, I was having 1 minute long surges and they were 3 minutes apart. They advised me to wait another hour, take some paracetemol and get into the bath. I didn't take the meds but got back into the bath. I quickly got back out as I was too restless. At 4:30am my husband put the bags into the car and when I tried to stand and get dressed I got one surge straight after the other. My husband helped me dress (I was pretty helpless)!! We live about 25-30 minutes from the hospital so when I got out to the car and told my husband I felt the urge to push he got a bit nervous. I kept doing my breathing and about 10 minutes from the hospital I asked my husband to ring the admissions to make sure they were ready for me as I knew my baby was close. I was definitely pushing in the back seat of the car!!! They advised him to pull over and ring for an ambulance if I was pushing so he did but when I heard him on the phone to the ambulance crew I told him we'd make it and to keep going to the hospital. 

We reached the hospital and the nurses were expecting me. They did a quick exam and I was 9cm so I went straight to delivery. They wanted to do the continuous trace and wanted me on my back. I was pushing and said I had no power to oush on my back and could I change position. They helped me on my side but once again I had no power so I asked to kneel and rest against the head of the bed. I was allowed to stay in this position for only about 6-8 pushes but they wanted me back on my back as the baby's heart rate was slowing down. I felt that this was just slowing down during the surge but it was returning to normal afterwards. One nurse then said to me she would need to call the doctor and they might need to do an episitomy if the baby was finding it difficult to come out but I shouted "No". She was a bit shocked but I said I haven't even been inside the hospital for 30 minutes and to give me a bit of time to birth my baby myself.

I returned to my back (reluctantly!) and baby was born! We were only in the hospital for 40-45 minutes before he arrived so this was exactly how we wanted it. But I didn't get a chance to use my oils/Tens/tracks and just kept my visualisations, breathing and I used the gas and air too.

Our baby was 8lb 8oz. I had a little internal graze that require a stitch but an intact perineum. This was definitely due to the perineal massage (the oil was a great help that I bought from you!) and would definitely recommend to other mommas-to-be.

We had skin-to-skin straight away and the nurses were very pro breastfeeding and helped me latch him on. He was very alert and this was definitely due to the gentle birth he had!
My little man in now 8 1/2 weeks and is thriving. He returned to his birth weight 8 days after he was born and is a little feeding monster! He loves to cuddle with his mom and at the start he was sleeping in our bed but now he's in the co-sleeper next to our bed. He likes to spread out in the bed and he's happy in his own crib but he comes in for cuddles in the morning with me when my husband goes to work!

Thanks very much for all your help, the gentle birth approach allowed me to look forward to my labour and gave me confidence in myself and my ability to birth my baby naturally. I  look back at my pregnancy and birth and really enjoyed the whole experience. I actually missed listening to my tracks afterwards! For my next birth I would really love to have a home birth so I may be in touch in the future to ask you for more advice because I know you had a home birth. The only thing is I am living in Co.Clare now and Limerick maternity doesn't have the same set up Cork does for home births.

Thanks again Mary for all your help. I have recommended your course and website to all my pregnant friends as it definitely made the whole experience much more enjoyable.'

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Magazine #2: Gentle Birth

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