Doula Services Testimonials


I first met Mary when she gave the Gentlebirth workshop I attended during my first pregnancy and I was in awe of her knowledge of and passion for the birthing process. When I opted for a homebirth on my second baby, Mary was recommended to me and I knew that she'd be a fantastic doula, as I remembered her as being very calm, caring and well-informed. Mary's support towards the end of my pregnancy gave myself and my husband the confidence to approach our daughter's birth, not with anxiety or fear, but with joy and anticipation

"...her words of support and encouragement made me feel like superwoman!"

During the birth of our daughter, Mary was a fantastic support, offering words of encouragement exactly when needed and helping me stay comfortable and relaxed with massage and use of essential oils, yet her presence never interfered with the intimacy of the moment - we felt we had our private times together as a family throughout. On a practical side, Mary took charge of filling and emptying the birth pool, cleaning and tidying up the room afterwards, preparing a cosy nest in our living room for us to snuggle up to our new bundle of joy and making sure we all had something to eat and drink.  I also have her to thank for the beautiful photos that capture wonderfully the special moment we welcomed our daughter into this world. For weeks afterwards she continued being there for us and has always been at the other end of the phone or e-mail. Overall the birth of our daughter was one of the most wonderful, empowering and emotional moments in my life and it was Mary's reassuring presence that made all the difference. Indeed afterwards, her words of support and encouragement made me feel like superwoman!

Thank you so much for everything Mary......we can't wait for the next one :-)

R & B, Wexford


What can I say about Mary Tighe? The best place to start would be to tell you that she’s simply a wonderful person.  In addition to possessing the qualities that make for an ideal person to have at your birth – patience, caring, attentiveness – she is also a very skilled and knowledgeable doula. 

I contacted Mary early on in my pregnancy because I wanted someone at my birth, in addition to the midwives and my partner, who would look after me. I’m from the US and I wouldn’t have any family with me before, during or after the birth and I was a little worried. I wanted someone who would know what to do and would take care of me in the little ways that really make a difference. 

I also have a major phobia of hospitals/doctors/anything medical so I needed someone who was knowledgeable who I knew would stay with me from beginning to end and provide support to myself and my partner during my labour. In our conversations leading up to the birth I found Mary’s energy to be contagious and inspiring and I actually started to look forward to the birth with confidence. 

She helped me get organized and come up with a plan. Once I was in labour she was present when I needed her, invisible when I needed space, and forever calm. When I felt “stuck” she was able to help move me on and when I had a shaky moment she helped me find the focus and the confidence to keep going.  I can truthfully say I had a fantastic birth!

While it was hard at times I feel that Mary’s help was essential in helping me to have the positive experience that I not only wanted but I ended up with.  

Gwen, 2014

Mary’s knowledge of all things birth related is invaluable. That and her warm, enthusiastic approach helped us immensely when we were most vulnerable. Our baby girl arrived in a calm, gentle way and it’s an experience we go back to very often. I’d recommend a doula, and Mary especially, to all first time parents
— Karolina and Maciej, Cork, CUMH
Mary’s support to my husband and I during my pregnancy, labour and postnatal period were invaluable to us. All my anxieties were eased and I felt truly confident we would have the birth I wanted.’
— Jackie & Graham, Cork (CUMH)