Who am I?

...it was Mary’s reassuring presence that made all the difference.
— R & B, Wexford

I did my first doula training in 2005, with Gwen Scarbrough and Tracy Donegan, just before getting pregnant with my first child. While taking the training, I became pregnant and had my first child a in March 2006. 

Gwen was one of my doulas during this pregnancy and she was incredible. It was great to have someone knowledgeable I could ring if anything came up for me (which it did!), she was there at the end of the phone with any questions I had as my pregnancy progressed and during the birth. Gwen, and my other doula Tracey, were invaluable in providing support to myself and my husband. Their presence allowed him to rest after supporting me all night; they also reminded both of us to eat and drink, they gave me reflexology and massages, and draped hot towels over my back. And they made us laugh and helped us enjoy my labour. That birth was a long one and I was grateful to have their guidance and support for the bulk of my labour at home. I was later transferred to St Finbarr's Maternity Hospital, Cork to give birth to our daughter - you can read the birth story here on my blog. 

I was lucky enough to have Tracey and Gwen again at the birth of my second child. This was a home birth and moved much faster than my first labour. Again, my doulas were a fantastic support and resource to myself and my husband. 

Since doing my initial training, I am working as a doula to women in the Cork area - mainly birthing doula support, but I also offer a limited postnatal doula service as well. I have taken further training with DONA International and I am a member of the Doula Association of Ireland, a voluntary body promoting the doula profession in Ireland.

I love working as a doula. It is such a priviledge to be with a couple on their journey toward the birth of their child, whether it's their first time or their fourth. It is an honour to be able to support a couple as they become parents and I can guarantee I will cry (I'll be very discreet, so you probably won’t notice it - just warning you in advance!). 

I have experience as a doula in both a hospital and home setting, and supported first time parents, second and third time Mums, Mums having a VBAC, a VBA2C, and Mums planning a Caesarean section.  I have also supported single Mums.

I look forward to discussing the idea of having a doula at your birth. 

contact me: mary@birthingmamas.ie or call 087 629 2577



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