The times they are a-changin'...

Kari Me Sling - Clearance Sale item

Kari Me Sling - Clearance Sale item

BirthingMamas celebrated its seventh birthday recently, and it helped me look back at where it all began and how much my business has developed and grown over those years.

One of the first products available from BirthingMamas was the La Bassine Birth Pool, originally developed by a mother who wanted to offer a product after her own experiences during birth. Likewise, I started BirthingMamas because I wanted to share my experience and the knowledge I gained during my mothering transition.

Over the years BirthingMamas has grown and stocked the popular Birth Pool in a Box, and all the accessories that customers wanted with these products - liners, water pumps, air pumps, hoses, etc. I had great help from my mother, who is living in Dublin, who stocked and sold the products from her home so that couples could collect their purchases rather than wait for delivery. I also started selling Kari Me slings, having previously sold the ‘Over the Shoulder Baby Holder’ sling range. My husband did all the tech and design stuff - it really grew into a family business.

During this time I was also developing another product for birthing mothers - the essencia Aromatherapy range. I have always used essential oils, and created blends for my own pregnancies and birthing needs, so it was flattering to have friends seek these blends also. I then created the essencia Aromatherapy range to share them to a wider audience - starting small to see how much interest was in these products.

Thankfully, after a few years of trial and feedback, I have created a few blends that work well for women during pregnancy and birth, and then a few blends for baby and mum’s post-natal care. The Love+Labour Massage blend is the most popular product with customers, followed closely by the Sweet Dreams Blend and the Energise+Uplift Spray among the whole range.

The seven years have helped me learn so much about delivering products and services to meet the needs of my customers. I love working with couples in my doula work, and those attending the GentleBirth Workshops, sharing information on what’s available to them to achieve the birth they want.

With all this reflection on the growth of BirthingMamas I have decided that I want to continue creating products and services that serve my customers. However, as many of you know, balancing the needs of parenting and work is a constant juggle. Therefore, I have decided to focus my energy into particular aspects of BirthingMamas and let some of it go. So, for the rest of the year I will be selling off the remaining Birth Pool stock - the pools and their accessories; and there are a few Kari Me slings available also. I will have all these items on ‘Sale’ at, so check it out soon before the stock is gone.

This change in direction will free up time for me to focus and develop the essencia Aromatherapy products - and work towards creating some new products requested by my customers. I’m still very active with the GentleBirth Workshops and GentleBirth Meet Ups, so I hope to see many of you there. I am also continuing with my Doula work, and therefore, BirthingMamas will continue to stock La Bassine Pool Liners to support this service and to supply others who need them in Ireland.

Thank you all for the support and feedback over the years. This has helped me grow both at a personal level and within my professional work. I hope we will continue to work together to create a birth experience that all mothers and their partners want at a very special time in their life. Thank you for helping me build BirthingMamas and I hope that support will continue into the new phase. Talk to you all again soon!