February 2015 Snapshots

It's been an up and down month for us here in the BirthingMamas household.

The highlight was definitely a night away at the very luxurious Castlemartyr Resort for myself and David - our first night away in 10 years.

We had a lovely trip to Dublin as well - I went up earlier in the week with the kids and we got to catch up with friends and help my Aunt celebrate her 80th birthday. I also brought Sadbh to a show in The Ark - Far Away From Me,  whch we both loved. It was our first time going to a show here and hopefully it won't be our last.

Here's a glimpse into what else we have been up to this month:


Myself/David: One of the things I love about Netflix is that I can watch on my phone. If I was relying on being able to sit down with a TV and a schedule I would never get to watch TV at all. Netflix means I can watch some TV when I am folding the laundry or washing up after dinner. David has been watching House on Netflix for the last few months and raving about it. I was reluctant as it's a long series, and I didn't want to start something I would want to watch and perhaps ignore everything else in my life - but I gave in and have started it. I'm only at the start of Season 1 so it's early days, but so I am enjoying it and I can see now why David is coming up with very unusual diagnoses for any aches and pains we may have based on something he saw in House - an interesting side effect of watching the show.

House of Cards: Another show on Netflix. This is the third season and Netflix released all 13 episodes in the one go on Friday. We had both been anticipating the arrival of this and I did allow for the fact that the house and kids might get a bit neglected when it arrived, and I might end up with a few late nights.  It is edge of the seat television - Kevin Spacey is incredible as is Robin Wright Penn. I could probably sit and watch all 13 episodes in the one go if time allowed for it. As it is we have managed to watch 2 so far.

Sadbh: Stampy Cat on YouTube is still going strong here (I mentioned it here last year and she is still loving this UK gamer who posts videos of his character Stampy Cat under the name Stampylonghead/Stampylongnose).  I know some parents find him annoying, but I actually enjoy him. He has a very infectious laugh and I like his accent. Sadbh got her Xbox and so she is now playing Minecraft. What I love seeing most is that she can now play with her friends in Dublin - it's so lovely hearing them all laughing and chatting away while playing. Am thrilled for her and it's opened up a whole new avenue in being able to connect in with friends. 

Odhran: Lego Ninjago is one of his big favourites at the moment (another show we watch on Netflix). It's a really good series -  I enjoy watching it as well with him. I have to really as at various times during the day I am expected to play the role of the baddie (Lord Garmadon) so need to know my character in order to properly portray him!!! I have to say I love doing the evil laugh. 



Me: Eat That Frog: a book about how to be more productive in what you get done. I am finding it really good. I am reading it slowly (it's a tiny book), so I can implement the suggestions and so far I am finding them helpful. They are all very simple and most of it I do know already, but don't actually do. So I appreciate the chance to put the ideas into action and I definitely feel more productive now in my day. One interesting point he makes is that we are so busy these days that we have to accept we will never get our To Do list done. I really needed to read that as myself and my To Do list have in the past had a very stressful relationship. Trying to juggle parenting, working and running a business means I have a huge To Do list, and it is there gnawing at me to get it finished. It has been very liberating to realise that it is not going to ever all get done and so I just need to focus on my 3 Most Important Tasks each day and get those done! I tend to write my To Do list for a week (he suggests to do it every day first thing in the morning - but I don't always get that time so I prefer to have a rough outline weekly and write it up over the weekend when I have a bit more time).  I have been picking out the MITs daily - and it's amazing how the impetus is there to get them done (even when I don't really want to Eat That Frog).  I feel I have managed to get a lot more productive stuff done over the last few weeks because of just this simple change. 

And The Mountains Echoed: I had been given a lend of this book a few months back, and thought it was high time I gave it back. I started reading it on our night away, and couldn't put it down. I had been reluctant to start it as the person who lent it to me didn't enjoy the book, but I found it a great read and did enjoy the various stories in it. His books are tough to read as I find them very sad, but so well written, and I love getting to read about a different culture.


Violet Mackerel Series: These books are so beautifully written and I have to say I LOVE Violet Mackerel - she is funny and interesting and quirky. Really glad we were introduced to them. We are currently reading on Violet Mackerel's Personal Space now.

Magic Tree House Books:  We are currently reading Vacation Under the Volcano - so making our way through another great collection of books.

Odhran: Is currently wanting to read anything to do with the human body. Thankfully we have a  few Osbourne books like the one below, and he is loving them. 

By Katie Daynes
By Anna Branford
By Khaled Hosseini
By Brian Tracy


Me: David has introduced me to Spotify and I am in love! Have been slowly figuring out how to use the app and am finding it brilliant. There's playlists you can follow, but I prefer to create my own and am adding songs to them every day. I used to love music, but I hadn't been listening as much anymore, and was missing it. I also felt completely out of the loop with discovering new music. Spotify is giving me back the passion I used to have and also letting me introduce music I love to the children. I have been slowly going through my CD collection and adding old favourites such as The Cowboy Junkies and Garbage, as well as being able to check out new songs or bands such as The UnThanks and Angus and Julia Stone:

One Direction (Sadbh) - we have a fan in the house! Taking me back to my days of Wham worship, it's great to see her singing along to the songs and wanting to watch their video's on YouTube. They are definitely infectious!!! And catchy - very very very catchy!

Katy Perry (Odhran) - it started with an obsession with Roar, now he loves all her stuff (can we listen to the song where the girl throws her phone away Mammy!) 

That's it for this month. Thanks for reading our Snapshots and hope you all had a great month as well