August Snapshots

August was a jam packed month for us.

We had 2 birthdays. My 'baby' turned 4 on 1st August and we celebrated with friends and family in Fota Wildlife Park with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday cake as requested!  I turned a year older a few days later (note I don't actually put in an age!). I celebrated by going out to dinner in Sage with David (we are so lucky to have such an amazing restaurant on our doorstep). Very low key celebrations this year as I hadn't been well, so took it easy. I had a lovely day (and I got my must wished for pressie - a Kindle -which I am loving).

We also went on holidays. A few days in Galway, a long weekend in Mayo with friends and family and a very short stop in Dublin (because any excuse to visit home is good). 

We managed to fit a lot in while still chilling and having that lovely relaxed holiday feeling. We got to the circus,  Atlantiquaria, the beach and the Country Life Museum in Castlebar. Sadbh got to try sailing and drama. We had pastries from The Twelve and pizza in Milano's.

The big hit of the holiday was Loughwell Farm Park in Galway which had indoor areas (giant slides, skittle lanes) and lots to do outdoors (go-karts, an obstacle course and a barrel train among other things). Both of ours loved it and want to go back again. 


I put the finishing touches to my first newsletter - so excited about sharing it as a resource over the next few days. I also wrote an article for the Autumn issue of Oh Baby magazine on doulas which will be great to see in print (it's available in Mothercare in Dublin and Cork so do pick it up).

Reading Me:

The Goldfinch. I recently joined a book club in the hope it would get me reading again as I have always loved to read.  With small kids, running a business, working and the lure of a smartphone I just haven't been reading much over the last 2 years. The book club has helped - I've read 3 books in the last 3 months. The Kindle has helped even more. Especially on holidays, where lugging a big book around would not have been practical. Book club isn't until early September so I'm not going to go into the book here (and tbh I'm not sure what I feel about the book - I couldn't put it down, but it was a tough book to read).

Moods of Motherood- Lucy Pearce. I have this on my Kindle (did I mention I got one for my birthday!), and thought I would re-read it for some inspiration and am so glad I did. It is such a great book, so honest about the ups and downs of mothering.  It inspired me to have a lovely conversation with my 2 kids about how they see me as a mother 

Reading - The Kids:

The Magic Tree House Series - we are flying along with these. My DD (8) loves them and even my 4 year old will sit and listen when I am reading aloud to her. I enjoy them as well and as well as being fun they offer lots of information about the different places they visit. We are up to Dolphins at Daybreak now. So far we have managed to get them all from our local library.


The Kids: Stampylonghead Minecraft tutorials on YouTube - friends down from Dublin introduced our kids to these videos. They are addictive and give me some idea of how the heck to play Minecraft which my daughter is interested in getting more involved in. Sometimes I feel old and this is def one of those times. My head hurts when people start talking about servers and modes etc ahhhhhh! We are looking into getting an XBox so she can play Minecraft on that. Doing our research etc. So if anyone can give us some insight (is it better to play it on the XBox or the laptop for example?) do let us know. 

Me: Breaking Bad and True Blood. I slowly made my way through the final season of BB and now only have a few episodes of BB to watch on Netflix. I have found it very hard to bring myself to watch them though. Mainly because the tension of this last season has been just unbelievable. It took me a while to warm to this tbh but I now know why it was so talked about and admired. Incredible television - can't imagine anything surpassing it.

As for True Blood - it came in for lots of criticism the last few seasons, and I didn't enjoy last season so much, but I was a fan and did enjoy this season - apart from the last 2 episodes. It fell down flat for me and the ending was really disappointing. This was the final season ever so I was hoping for a more spectacular ending. Ah well - at least I still have Breaking Bad (which according to David has the best ending ever!)

So that is our August at a glimpse. I hope you had a nice month.