Working it out!

I am so excited to share these amazing pictures of first time Mum Donna during her labour in CUMH recently. Donna and Pat attended my GentleBirth Workshop in May when she was approximately 38 weeks pregnant. 

She emailed last week to say: 

'Hi Mary. Our little girl Fiadh arrived last Friday. Weighing 8.5lbs. I had a natural birth and laboured at home until I was 7cm. When I got to CUMH I went straight into the birthing pool until it was time to push. After 1.5 hours of active pushing out she came. She was so bright eyed and alert. My experience was a calm one and it was all thanks to the workshop. 

Thanks again from myself and Pat and baby Fiadh xx'

Labouring at home on the birth ball. It looks very cosy.

Donna was able to use the pool in CUMH which only took approximately 20 minutes to fill. 

“‘The pool was amazing I felt like I was at a spa day”

— Donna, GentleBirth Mum

'The midwife sat in the corner doing her paperwork and she left me too it until the baby was ready to be born. I was never so relaxed in my life.'

Labouring in the birth pool in CUMH

“I was never so relaxed in my life”

— Donna, GentleBirth Mum

'I was ready to come home after I had a shower after the birth but they encouraged me to stay for 2 days which I did.' 

Donna, Pat and baby Fiadh

“‘I’d do it all again tomorrow’”

— Donna, GentleBirth Mum

 Donna out walking 3 days post partum and in her words ' feeling great.' 

The new arrival - Fiadh 

Thanks so much to Donna and Pat for sharing such incredible photos of the birth of Fiadh. I think they will be very inspiring for other couples attending CUMH.