Positive Caesarean

Hello! We went to your course in November (2012), and our little daughter is now born :) She is 8 days old today.

The week before the delivery I was at the hospital for an extra check-up as my blood pressure was a bit high, and the doctor was poking on my belly and said she couldn't' feel the head (as in the baby might be engaged). But when she did a scan she was like umm where is the head? and it turned out she was breeched! Since I was in week 38 it was a bit late to try to turn her (the doc said that there hardly was anyone at CUMH who could do that procedure anyway), and it seems you're not really given the option to deliver vaginally when it's your first baby. I was breeched myself, and one of my sisters were too. But anyway, a c-section was scheduled in for the following Tuesday.

I was quite disappointed as I'd really been looking forward to giving birth! But at the same time I was very excited to finally have a date for when we'd meet our baby :) I also learned the lesson from my friend Erica (whom I mentioned a couple of times at the course if you remember) that you can have all sorts of plans of how you want things to be, but anything can happen and I decided to just go with the flow rather than dwell about it. First thing I did when i got home was to buy the Positive Caesarean track from the GentleBirth homepage, and I listened to that the following 4 days before the surgery.

On the day of the c-section we went in early in the morning, but was told that I was number 5 on the list and would most likely have to wait until the afternoon. It was hard to stay positive as the day progressed, as I had been fasting since midnight and wasn't even allowed to drink water (although I cheated on that account, and it made me feel better). But once they picked us up to wait for anaesthesia I started to feel excited again, and I started listening to the track once more. We had to wait a bit, and my husband got to put on scrubs. There were no shoe covers big enough for his giant feet ^^ He waited outside (with a pile of tiny baby clothes in his hands) while they did the spinal anaesthesia, and they brought him in when I was all ready on the table. All the staff was really nice, especially the anaesthesiologist who was a really cool dude.

Once they were all ready to start cutting me up (sorry, bit morbid there :p) I put my headphones in and continued listening to the Positive Caesarian track which was a really good distraction from all the tugging and pulling that was going on. It's not that it hurt or anything or felt uncomfortable, just a bit odd. Listening to the track helped me relax. After 5-10 minutes they quickly held her up above the screen and told us it was a girl, before hurrying up to check her up and dress her and all that. I could hear her scream, and she sounded so healthy! At this point I stopped listening to the track and just looked at my husband and smiled. And then when they gave the little bundle to my husband to hold while they were stitching me up it was her I looked at instead :) 

After what felt like an eternity they moved me to a bed and put her next to me and rolled me over to the recovery room. A nurse helped unbutton my daughter's clothes and pulled my hospital gown down for some skin to skin, and she latched on perfectly the first try! Recovery has gone ridiculously well, several of the midwives pointed out how quickly I was recovering. 

So that's my birth story, feel free to share it on the GentleBirth facebook page if you want