'Euphoric' VBA2C with a GentleBirth Mum in CUMH

So being the ultimate procrastinator and perfectionist it is taking me a long time to finish my VBA2C birth story so I thought I would send this shorter version first. 

Photo credit: http://morguefile.com/creative/GaborfromHungary/1/all

Photo credit: http://morguefile.com/creative/GaborfromHungary/1/all

I had loads of warm up in the week leading up to it and...had rang Zoe (my doula) then at about 8pm that night to say I thought this was it. I'd had a bloody show and I had kindof freaked out about it. So we put up the pool and things got more intense. I didn't want to land in too late and was beginning to really struggle with the contractions and was worried I wouldn't handle them in the car. Landed into cumh at about 12 and waited in the waiting room for 2 hours! I couldn't get over it. Met the most fab midwife called Susan. Was 5cm! Thought that was perfect! Spent about an hour on ctg then moved up to ward about 3 and had to go on ctg again! It really slowed labour though. Midwife wasn't really that enthusiastic but was nice enough about it. Eventually got off the ctg and the real intense labour kicked off again. So they wanted to  examine me again after 3 hours at 5am and I was 5-6cm 😢. Midwife was saying that we'd have to break my waters and I declined. She wasn't happy. Had consultant Mairead O'Riordan come in and said she was happy I was doing OK and to keep going. Midwife wanted to examine me again at about 7 but was trying to push it out as she was taking about breaking my waters again. Got to the shift change over and that's when my Angel appeared.

...it was euphoric.

So Ita (I think was her name)  examined me just after 8 and said I was 6-7 and waters were bulging but said she wouldn't break them as I had said I didn't wasn't them broken in preferences. I was shocked and delighted! But also a bit disheartened about the dilation. Things were very intense still. Was on my knees on floor and then bed. Still using tens and gas and air. Turns out I'm a bit of a screamer! Then after about 9am, about 6 doctors walked into the room led by a particular consultant. I really didn't even know they were there but eventually he wanted to have a chat with me but I was really in the middle of almost continuous surges or back labour and couldn't really focus on him. He was really obnoxious and rude though and wanted to break my waters to check that my uterus hadn't ruptured. Essentially it sounded like him threatening me. My husband called him on it there in front of everyone and he was so annoyed. My husband said I didn't want to be threatened into anything and we would like to discuss it without his presence. He eventually left. We decided to go ahead and break the waters anyway. Another doc came in to do it. And they didn't say it to me but I was put on a 2 hour clock! Felt really intense bearing down pressure after breaking waters. So we essentially started pushing then but was finding it difficult. Ita was amazing for the next part. The docs kept coming back to the door and she kept sending them away telling them I was nearly there. Pushing was tough I have to say and I literally screamed the place down but she eventually made it out and it was euphoric.