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Mary has always been passionate about sharing information. In her work as an information officer in a citizens information service she provided information and advice to the general public on a daily Basis. She has also been passionate about women's issues - the main focus of her dissertations during her college years at UCC were women's health and childbirth. After college Mary followers her passion for holistic health and studied Massage and Arimatherapy while working in a specialised aromatherapy service for a number of years. These passions have led mary to her work with birthing women - in 2006 she trained as a doula and in 2011 she was one of the first people in Ireland to trainas a GentleBirth instructor. Finally in 2013??? She trained asa BFC with Cuidiu is one of the  being able to bring her knowledge and passion of birth with her skill at imparting i formation to enable women to make informed decisions during their pregnancy, and beyond birth blah blah blah!!! 


Self advocacy ????




Made  by hand  especially for you 



When I had my first in 2006 pools were not available in Ireland. When I got the chance to sell them I jumped at it. Allows women who only decide late in pregnancy to access a pool (I have sold one or two to women whose labour has begun!!!).



I developed the products when I was pregnant myself for my own needs. Sweet dreams pre-dated my pregnancy - made it to help me sleep. When I did my course with Tracy she talked about the importance if smell and how it could impact birth. Further research led me to the Ethel Burns study ???? So I decided to develop some blend for my own birth - I used the lice and labour during the last few weeks of my pregnancy creating a ritual for myself with my CDs. During labour I got my husband to massage it I to my bump and back and lived it. I didn't develop the energise and uplift until my second pregnancy. I was do hit during my first labour and wanted something to help cool me down while helping my energy levels. We all still use this spray in our house today as it's a great help for tired parents!!! 




Sadbh didn't sleep baby wearing kari me - present from friend. 





One of the longest serving doulas in cork with years of exp.




We can guarantee you will be informed when it comes to your birth. Birth is very much the unknown and can be unpredictable. We cannot guarantee what sort of birth you will have but we can guarantee after a GB workshop you will leave with a wealth of knowledge and information as to how to have a positive birth exp. 


There's more than just information though. GB is unique in cbe you are given a wide variety of tools to support you during you birth - from Mindfulmess to hypnosis, acupressure up aromathetapyt you and your partner will learn skills and techniques to help you during your preg and birth. 


Location has been chosen to support the calm - stunning location 

BM is unique in that we provide a wide variety of products and services and offer information services to support you during your pregnancy birth and parenting journey 


We offer a personal service - collection is available. We work the business